General Contractor & Innovation

Or key role is the one of intermediary: we represent our clients and manage their commercial relationship with several security providers, especially when it comes to reception and surveillance services, other than the safekeeping of movable property and real estate. But that’s not our only activity: the final goal would be to spread the use of most recent technological innovations in the security field (such as drones, IoT products and AI based software) and make them accessible to the majority of the population.


Hard-work & Ethics

Working in such a vital but extremely complicated field, one that is so strictly related to a moral and ethical dimension, we firmly believe that we should always put significant effort and dedication in our work. Throughout the years, we built up our own identity as a company, both from a human and professional point of view, and at its core there is still the protection of those in need, the peace and happiness of those who chose us and will keep on doing so. Our team is the bridge between the clients and the ones who will eventually provide the service and implement a management strategy that can guarantee the best results, both from an administrative and from an operational perspective.


For checks at the entrance of your company or in the public administration

For a company or a public building that feels the need to implement some entrance security checks, concierge service is the right one: it includes entrance check and emergency security services, but also day-to-day reception assistance.

The service package is very flexible and customizable according to your needs. We offer full coverage for day and night shifts, whether is a working day or a holiday.


As far as intelligence and investigations services, we operate throughout the country, relying on highly trained and qualified personnel.

One of our main activities in this field is inventory audit for large-scale retailers. Thanks to our investigations, clients can check on any possible inconsistencies between their financial statement and the actual storage situation, often caused by accounting or processing errors, products wasting or, in some cases, theft.


Armed vigilance and valuation service

Working with companies that are part of our holding, or with close and trusted partners, we are qualified and able to provide armed guards all throughout the country, to guarantee our clients the higher security standards.

Our Mission is to provide companies, organizations or common
citizens with all the services and technological equipment that
can fulfill the natural need to feel safe, combined with a deep
moral consciousness that brings us to value the most our clients’ privacy
and with a constant desire to improve our services and push further
the limits of modern technology.