These are the main services we offer:

  • Concierge
  • Reception for hotels, convention centers, expos, shops, boutiques or any kind of public event
  • Stewards and hostesses
  • Customers’ in and outflow management
  • Vehicles in and outflow management, valet services and access check for every car
  • Security services
  • Security consultant
  • Entrance check services for demonstrations, theatres, cinemas, local festivals and also shops and boutiques
  • Gatekeeping
  • Perimeter monitoring, drone-based security services (remotely piloted aircraft system)
  • Security management consultant
  • Firefighting and first aid
  • Security, video surveillance and anti-burglar systems’ installation
  • Training courses
  • Technical services and on-the-job assistance

Security is not a game with which you can joke, for this reason all the staff made available by Servizi Sicurezza Italia to carry out the services dedicated to security for companies is in possession of certifications and certificates that demonstrate their preparation and training. in the various areas of interest.

Security Help-it offers high profile services to all those people who want to feel safe and protected wherever they go.

Security Help-it can provide a 24/7 support. If you find yourself in a difficult or dangerous situation, or are in need of immediate assistance, you’ll be directly connected to our Operation Center, that’s going to locate your position and quickly help you.

With just one touch on your phone screen you can call Security Help-it’s Operation Center and talk to one of our phone operator. He is going to locate your position and provide you with full assistance and immediate back-up. Once the distress signal has been sent, even if you’re unable to call again our Operation Center will try to get in touch with you after a few minutes.

The Operation Center communicates directly with safety authorities and thus can offer the client on-site support. With Security Help-it by your side you can always feel safe, even if you find yourself in one of those difficult or dangerous situations that more and more seem to involve women and elderly people, but also tourists and businessmen.

Beside the extensive experience in the field, our company most prominent features are our professional attitude, our passion and the keen sense of responsibility of our staff.

Our task is to ensure the safety and peace of our clients through high-standard and comprehensive services. That’s why all the staff seconded to ensure the safety of commercial and private buildings has already obtained certificates and qualifications that prove their training in a specific sector.